We are your partner in transforming the construction and building sector while leading change and innovation.

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We aim to become the world’s leading company for the integration of construction robots into the industrial ecosystem.

Over the course of three phases, we plan to evolve in tune with the projected maturation process of the industry from a consulting firm to a global leader in facilitating robotic construction solutions.

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Construction Robotics Evolution – DO it

With our strategic services we can support you in the following areas:

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We support throughout all stages of the construction value chain. Our services can support you with a specific problem in a dedicated process or value added step, or support you with the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions that look beyond narrow domains and sectors.


Our Experience

You can count on our practical, academic & entrepreneurial experience of over 50 years, an extensive range of projects, transdisciplinary, diverse professional backgrounds among our team and a global network of world-class collaborators: CREDO – your partner in Construction Robotics Evolution – DO it.


Our Services

Our unique approach is the focus on “integrated robotic solutions” that consider the “total system” which helps our clients to create superior and highly competitive solutions in order to outperform solutions that do not look cross domains and sectors.

Our Consultants – A transdisciplinary,
highly skilled, world class Team of out-of-the-box Thinkers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner
Managing Director
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E: tl@credorobotics.com



Natalie Linner
Marketing & Project Manager
T: +49 176 61032728
E: nl@credorobotics.com