Our Industry Sections

We support you throughout all stages of the construction value chain.

Digital processes and AI

Design and planning

Design and planning processes determine the success of an effective use of technology in all subsequent value added steps.

Advanced modular construction

Off-site construction

Off-site approaches are gaining in importance since they allow for control over logistics complexity and on-site construction processes, quality, cost, and construction speed.

Advanced Equipment

Next generation construction machines

Advanced equipment

Existing construction equipment gets smarter, modular, and digitally connected.

Future robotic solutions

On-site construction

The use of prefabricated components, and the emergence of new automated/robotic tools and equipment is increasing.
The emergence of new automated/robotic machines is transforming the construction sector.

Advanced building technology

Building operation and maintenance

Renovation, disassembly and recycling: Robotized devices add value to the performance of buildings and the services linked with their operation.

Smart and resilient cities

Digital technologies for future cities

Learn more about CREDO, pioneers in the field of future smart cities.


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